Beautiful Smile

I have a beautiful smile and a happy ending, from the dental work at Lisa 
McDonald, DMD & Associates. Dr. Suveetha K. Mikkili is an excellent 
dentist. Her approach was kind, gentle, caring and her explanation of the 
procedure was on "target". The dental assistants and staff were excellent, 
positive and supportive. Thanks for a job well done, Dr. Mikkili. 

Snore Guard

If you are considering a Snore Guard because you snore loud enough to disturb others in your house and you’re hesitating -  don’t. 

My wife and family have complained for years about my snoring but I’ve always thought it was their problem not mine.  After all I can’t hear me snore.

 Recently I was on a vacation with my two brothers, my sister and their spouses.  We were sharing a house on the beach.   My snoring was the subject of conversation every morning.  Who did I disturb most last night and where did everyone have to sleep in order to avoid the noise. I made up my mind to do something about it.  I went to Dr McDonald and after several weeks I was using the Guard. 

Much to my surprise – it worked!

For the first time in maybe  20 years my wife said I didn’t snore.  She was sleeping through the night and did not have to use those irritating earplugs. However the most surprising benefit was that I was sleeping better.  I always thought I was getting a good night’s sleep but with this Snore Guard I can tell a difference.  I am more rested.  I don’t get sleepy in the mid-afternoon and I have more energy. I highly recommend the Snore Guard and I am confident you will be an enthusiastic user once you’ve given it a try.

Dennis M.

Webster Groves, MO

March 5, 2013


Anterior Crowns

"I had been embarrassed by the appearance of my front teeth for a long
time and, when I met new people, I actually hoped they wouldn't notice my
teeth. When it was time to replace the fillings in my upper front teeth
again, I questioned Dr. McDonald about alternatives to replacing the
fillings. I wanted to know if there was an option that would improve the
appearance and correct other problems beyond what would be accomplished by
replacing the fillings.

Dr. McDonald listened patiently to the things I disliked about the
appearance of my front teeth and recommended three-quarter crowns which
would correct all the problems, improve the appearance, preserve maximum
original tooth structure, and be very durable. The crowns would last many
years longer than the fillings had ever lasted. I decided to have the
upper four front teeth crowned rather than replace the fillings. During
the process, Dr. McDonald, Barb, and Stephanie were incredibly
patient, supportive, and reassuring when I had questions or concerns.


I am so happy with the result! The crowned teeth look beautiful and feel
completely natural. For the first time in more years than I can remember,
I feel great about my smile. Family and friends compliment me on how
beautiful my teeth look. Thank you, Dr. McDonald, for giving me a smile I
can be proud of!"




St. Louis, MO

April 5, 2013 

Dr. Mikkili worked on several crowns for me. She is very skillful as well
as being extremely kind and personable. I would highly recommend her.

- Debbie B.

St. Louis, MO.

March 4, 2019

Dr. Lisa McDonald has been my dentist since 2012, and I think she's an
excellent dentist. She takes the time to explain the procedures she will be
doing, has a very gentle manner, and i no longer have anxiety when I go to
the dentist. Additionally, she has a very friendly and professional staff.
I'm not at all surprised that she was selected as a top dentist in St.
Louis in 2018 by the St. Louis Magazine.

S.S St. Louis, MO

February 18, 2019

I love working with Dr. McDonald! My experience was easy and comfortable, and my results were amazing.

G. M.

St. Louis, MO

January 8, 2018

Dr. McDonald is very gentle and very thorough. She is kind and she knows what she is doing. You are treated like you are the only patient. Overall, a kind and friendly office.


St. Louis, MO

January 8, 2018

Katie is so gentle and kind. She has helped me make a plan to get on top of my gum health.

Kathleen K.

ST. Louis, MO

January 8,2018

If you haven't been able to find a dentist that can make you feel comfortable while doing really great work, you should consider Lisa McDonald D.M.D. on Delmar in U.City. She has done just meticulous work on my teeth for a few years now. She has never even come close to hurting me and is just as caring and gentle as you will ever find. my teeth look better and more importantly, are MUCH healthier than ever. The entire staff is delightful and helpful at all times. I know..it's hard to believe.. but that's my story and i'm sticking to it.

Scott Smith

July, 1, 2014

The most painful part is getting to the office but once you are here sitting in the chair at Team McDonald you know you will be OK and the procedures will be painless.

Herve D.

Angie has been an excellent hygienist! She is always pleasant and she attends to my needs. Angie has definitely a gentle thorough touch! She has a super awesome personality and is very professional. Thank you for seven years of excellent and genuine care. I look forward to more years of great service from Mrs. Angie!

Kaye M.

I cannot say enough great things about the office and everyone that works in this office. They are caring and actually listen to your concerns. I love, love, love everything about this practice.

Gail B.-C.

St. Louis, MO

February 22, 2018

A fear of dentists is something I've had since childhood. As a result I put off going to the dentist until absolutely necessary. After being referred to Dr. McDonald by two friends, I decided to give her a try. I was not disappointed.
She was very quite and soft spoken which was reassuring to someone like me. I found her as well as her team -office personnel and assistants to be professional.
The office was spotless with the latest equipment. Dr. McDonald is often at dental seminars which shows her commitment to her profession.
Most of all I LOVE MY SMILE!

Cynthia J.

St. Louis, MO

February 22, 2018

For the longest time, I have not had the brightest smile. It was a real cause of embarrassment, and I felt very self conscious. Not anymore! Dr. McDonald has given me my smile back! She is so caring, gentle, and kind and I will be forever grateful to her and her team for my new look. Thanks so much!


Carol H.

St. Louis, MO


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